Stamped concrete can be over-the-top, exotic, intricate and very eye-catching. Although installation of stamped concrete can be quite expensive depending on the amount of work involved in creating the desired look, stamped concrete can be just as appealing even if you have a small budget. Here are some ways to enjoy the appeal and benefits of stamped concrete.

Capitalize on the concrete’s ability to be poured in any shape.

If you are not satisfied with the square, utilitarian look, no amount of stamping will fix that. But you can use stamped concrete in small areas and really make the place lively and bright by changing the layout of the concrete. If you are pouring new concrete, consider incorporating curves. You can make your walkway slightly curve and go from a square patio to a half-circle. Also, you can shape your concrete to flow with the landscaping. This can add a tremendous amount in aesthetics to your home.

decorative concrete

Credit: Houzz collection of decorative concrete

Add a border.

If you can’t afford to stamp all the square footage of your concrete, just stamp a border. A patterned border frames the concrete and give it a finished look. Borders are an effective and inexpensive way to dress up plain concrete.

Keep color simple.

One of the biggest things that can add to your cost is coloring your concrete with different multiple colors. You can save quite a bit if you use the same color for your border or your fields. Also,  if you use color with a pattern, it will make a dramatic difference compared to plain, gray concrete. To make an impact, you don’t have to do alot.

Sawcut and texture.

Ask your concrete contractor if it is workable to saw cut a pattern and then use a texture skin for pattern. By incorporating the control joints in the design, your contractor can create grooves in the concrete, and you can apply a texture skin to give a 3-dimensional look.

Expand the area you are stamping.

It may seem contrary to intuition, but  a lot of impact can be added by continuing a stamped pattern from a driveway or patio to walkways and steps. Instead of stamping an entire driveway, you can just do a border, and then continue that border to nearby paths, walkways, steps, and entryways. You can get more for your money by stamping in multiple places, creating a holistic look, instead of just splurging on one area.

How to Apply Concrete Sealer

Applying a concrete sealer properly greatly improves performance, appearance and durability. Although these methods are fairly standard application methods, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations to get the best results.

Applying a sealant to the concrete should be done in a manner that, as much as possible follow the manufacturer’s instructions, including surface preparation, application thickness, coverage rate and the application technique.

In general, concrete sealers are applied in several thin layers. Heavy mastic applications often lead to puddling, whitening, or incorrect drying and crystallization. The two most common types of sealant dilutions are solvent based and water based dilutions. Although solvent-based sealants are more tolerant, water-based sealants are more user-friendly and easier to handle and work with.

Here are the most common types of applicators for concrete sealants

Pump Sprayers: These are usually sprays available at your local hardware store or can be purchased for special applications of concrete sealers. These hand pump sprayers are best used with water-based materials, as most components will not last long with a solvent sealant. Be sure to filter the sealant to prevent clogging of the nozzle and to ensure consistent mist on the concrete. These types of sprayers are cheap, but have a limited lifespan.

St. Louis stamped concrete

Credit: Best St. Louis stamped concrete project

High pressure

Airless sprayers: These types of sprayers are ideal for large applications and offer a way to apply consistent and fast sealers. Although HVLP sprayers can be used with both sealants and water based solvents, you will have to exercise extreme caution when spraying the solvent as it is highly flammable and could cause severe explosions. Therefore, it is recommended that HVLP sprayers are limited to water-based materials unless you are experienced and understand the hazards.

Low pressure, high volume sprayers (pot sprayers): These sprayers can be used for almost any type of sealer. They allow a wide range of viscosities and manage water-based, solvent based and 100% solids coatings. These sprays can be regulated to provide extremely coherent layers giving one of the most professional looking finish, however it take some time to set up, adjust and then clean after use.

Rollers: Paint rollers can be used to apply concrete sealer, but are not ideal for materials with low water-based solids, because the roller tends to apply irregular and incoherent coatings. The rollers are however ideal for thicker solvent base sealers which remain absorbed in the roller head and allow for a more consistent coverage rate mastics. As with most diluted sealers, first coat is recommended before a second heavier layer.

Lamb wool applicator: a lamb wool applicator comes in natural and artificial fabric. Wool applicators are ideal for both solvent-based and water-based sealants and can provide a quick and even coverage on a smooth concrete surface. These applicators are standard with floor care companies that apply for the finishing of waxes and urethanes.

Managing Acute Back Pain

chiropractic care in St. Louis Back pain, one of the most general medical issue faced by people, an ache which starts from areas like joints, nerves, bones and other areas of the symptoms and spine like weakness, numbness are sign to back ache. The spin acts as the big connecting channel between joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and joints which in background acts as means of incur back ache.

Back pain can be sub divided as upper back pain, neck pain, tail-bone pain which can either outcome in chronic or acute ache depending upon the persistence.

Anyway, there are different causes of this issue like pain arising from the spinal tissues which may outcome into muscle imbalances, cramps, muscle strains and the like, which may need diagnostic interference like anesthetic blocks.

One of the basic sources of the ache is synovial joints of the spin and skeletal muscle which has acknowledged as the initial concern among approx 1/3 of the chronic back sufferers, anyway, unable to know the sure shot cause of the pain.

There is this tissue known as Capsule tissue whose destroy can lead to neck pain following whiplash. Spinal problem stemming from synovial joints causes to theory that intra -articular tissue as in invaginations of the crust and fiber-adipose meniscoids get enclosed and displaced consequently giving increase to no inception.

Please do not wear pent belts for days, because they weaken your back and make things bad in the long run. They are made to help your back after harsh trauma and for heavy lifting only. The same suggestion is valid for neck pain too. Just wear a collar if you have had neck trauma and apply ice on the back of your neck.

Please don’t exercise when in pain! Some people exercise and make pain worse. Exercise is a strain to the body and includes to the damage. Anyway, exercise is very beneficial when taken at the right phase of core. But not when you are in pain.

If the pain is truly bad, your doctor will provide you anti-inflammatory tablets. Some patients are not alert that taking 1 or 2 tablets, almost never jobs. You get rid of this issue, you need proper treatment, many a times it might even mean attending to a chiropractic call, chiropractic care in St. Louis has rapidly increased and its now very easy to access a professional for advise.

Chiropractic Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Chiropractic care is provided by a professional chiropractor that uses hands on approach to control different parts of the musculoskeletal formation to ease pain and to help paints to reject surgical involvement under old medical care. Chiropractic treatment can support you to return to doing the things you used to perform when tissue damages have lead a limitation of elasticity to any of your joints. Problem felt in the back is one of the big reasons of people beginning to live an inactive life rather than enjoying a dynamic life.

When you go to the chiropractor for relaxed from back pain they first take a full medical history. They want to job with you and your other physician to help you be restored to finesses, so they need to know about any medical cures you have recently had, and about any drugs you might be taking.

The massage therapy that is performed to support relieve back pain cannot be completed until there is an X-ray image of your spine so the therapeutic expert can determine if their treatment could likely cause more pain for you.

The treatment process for back pain will possibly contain spine manipulation, diet recommendations, deep tissue massage, vitamin therapy and exercise recommendations. Many people believe that if they go see one of these expert their pain will be magically alleviated in single visit and they feel as best as new. The reality is that most patients who have back pain or chronic back pain linked with a recent traumatic injury will have to see the expert more than once before they begin to see lasting relief from their distress.

The manipulation of the spine and best tissue massage will provide you some temporary relief from the pain in your back, but the pain will likely return after some period of time. Each time you get a treatment you will find that outcomes of the treatment last longer, and you will find that the relief is amazing.

How to Fix a Bent Aluminum Garage Door

get a new garage door


Garage doors require a whole lot of maintenance. Installation of garage doors and garage door repair requires a lot of discipline and commitment from one. It is a costly investment that should be protected. It is essential to know how the various part of the garage door work. It is also essential to distinguish what requires professional maintenance and the ones you can fix yourself. This is especially important if you have an electric garage door.

The maintenance of the garage door and its parts is important because it prevents it from accumulating dirt, rust and other foreign objects that can prevent it from working as it should. Cleaning the components of the garage door is not a task you need to do each day or week. It is a task that can be done every few months or so.

Metal garage doors are likely to dent or bend, especially when there are children around. A bent or dented garage door can reduce the overall value of your home. Repair of dents as opposed to the replacement of the door saves you a significant amount of cash. Obviously, if the door is completely collapsed, you should probably replace it. Minor bumps however, can be easily repaired by homeowners.

You will need to check your garage door (its parts and panels) from time to time to see if there are things that needs repair or replacement. Bends on the garage door panels are easily identifiable. They do not need a thorough inspection or even any need to get a new garage door. However, depending on the extent of the damage, you may require a professional to do the job. Fixing dents on the panel of the garage door is easier to do than many other repairs on other parts of the garage door.

Here are some ways to fix a dented garage door panel:

1. Fill a bucket with water, add dish soap. Wash thoroughly the dented or bent area to remove all the dirt. Ensure the area is clean before you dry and move on.

2. Unroll some aluminum foil to cover the bent area and also enough to give you room to hold the foil at the ends. Cut the piece of foil from the roll and keep it handy.

3. Lay the piece of aluminum foil flat and cover the dent. The foil should be kept flat against the door with your hand near the corner and away from the dent

 4. Use your lighter to move light frame back and forth over the bent area or dent for some 60 seconds. Be consistent in the motion so that the flame touches the aluminum foil where the dent is. Once you’re done with this, remove the aluminum foil and hold your compressed air can upside down. While the can is upside down, spray it over the dent for at least 30 seconds. The can must be held upside down because carbon dioxide is a secret component in the can.

The drastic change in temperature will force the door to go back into shape. The dent would pop back and disappear within two minutes

Why You Should Use Energy Efficient Windows

Whenever we think about home improvement, the first thing we consider is replacing a window because it is the best way to spruce up the curb appeal as well as to keep the home climate friendly. Energy efficient windows not only improve the appearance of the home, but also allow homeowners to save on energy bills.

No matter in which state you live, you should only use energy efficient windows to cut back on energy bills. Why Should I use energy efficient window? Well, to be able to understand this, you need to know about all the benefits it gives. However, you need a professional installer (Wildwood windows replacement contractor) to enjoy all its advantages. Let’s talk about its benefits and why you should have it.


Do you want your bank account as well as the environment to say “thank you” for doing the favor? If yes, then the energy efficient window is the best option. You can likewise decrease the HVAC costs; the work load in optimum cooling as well as heating will not nettle he electricity. Such windows are also good for preventing damage to the environment as hey do not cause any harm to the nature; no wastage of energy and resources.


As warmth is maintained or kept out depending on the time of year, comfort and peacefulness inside homes is increased. These types of windows are intelligently designed to keep the air inside through natural and inherent attributes like heat absorption, thermal resistance, and radiation to outdoors. The frost is likewise reduced due to warmer internal glass area. All these features improve the living standard.


We usually hate daylight due to the heat; however, we like to see natural light coming in the room. Typically, people install shades to reduce the heat, which minimizes the natural light as well as he outside view. Energy efficient windows are smartly made to provide complete sunlight without warming the inside area. They come up with the low solar gain coating to make this possible. So if you want to enjoy better view and need light in your room without heat, then you must install energy efficient windows.


The UV or ultraviolet rays that the sun produces can cause harm to our skin and can likewise make any household material deplorable, including valuable interiors and organic materials such as artwork, fabrics, paints, wood, and more. You should use EE windows to protect all these things because these windows are LOW E coated which prevents UV rays.


Did you pay attention in class during those chemistry lessons? I bet you never thought chemistry could be of help to you in choosing the best cleaning products for the job. The pH scale is used to check the degree of alkalinity or acidity of different solutions. The scale is 0-14. In the middle is 7, which is considered neutral. Below 7 on the scale is acidic, while anything above 7 is considered alkaline. So why is it important? Alkaline solutions are better for cutting through dirt, grease, proteins, oils and other organic elements. Acids are the best to remove the calcium oxide and other minerals. Knowing the pH can be very useful. So I’ve decided to share a summary of an interview I had with a St. Louis power washing machine dealer, who is also experienced with practical cleaning business.

1. Chlorine Bleach: 11-13

Bleach tips the scale almost to the top of the alkaline level. Because it is closer to one end of the pH scale, we know that it is corrosive and may require adequate ventilation during use. Bleach is not safe to use on many surfaces, including some types of fabrics. Do not mix bleach with other cleaning or chemical products. Also, bleach is fantastic in whitening and stain removal

2. Ammonia: 11-12

Ammonia is a highly alkaline substance with a pH of about 12. The ammonia can also be corrosive and must be used in a highly ventilated area. Ammonia is not to be mixed with other ingredients. If this is done, harmful gases result. Ammonia can do wonders with dirt that’s proving difficult and grime, so it is a great cleaner

3. Oven Cleaner: 11-13

Most oven cleaners are just as alkaline as ammonia, giving them great power to cut through grease and stubborn dirt. Of course, at the top end of the alkaline scale, care must be taken when using oven cleaners.

4. Tube and Tile Cleaner: 11-13

Tub and tile cleaner is another alkaline substance that removes dirt and grime effective but can be corrosive. Be sure to apply caution and ventilate the room in which you use the tub and tile cleaner.

5. Borax 10

With a 10 on the pH scale, borax is not as corrosive as some of the other cleaners like chlorine and ammonia. But borax is an alkali metal. It is a good substance for the decomposition of organic oils and dirt. This is one of the reasons that make borax an effective laundry booster.